• Product:
  • HS54537
  • Engine Cylinder Head Gasket Set
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  • Cylinder Head Bolts Not Included
MAHLE Original® head gasket sets are packaged in shrink wrapped tray, giving you the ability to view the contents prior to opening the package, MAHLE Original® head sets give you original equipment form, fit, and function, so the fit just like the original, MAHLE Original® utilizes OE equivalent or better materials in all our head sets providing you with the Best Solution™ for your sealing needs, You receive every part you need to complete your gasket repair in one package unless otherwise stated.
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Item Grade
OEM Standard
Torque to Yield
Exhaust Manifold Gasket Material
Cylinder Head Gasket Material
Multi-Layered Steel
Intake Manifold Gasket Material
Molded Rubber