MAHLE OzonePRO: no chance for germs, viruses, or odors

Stuttgart/Germany, June 23, 2020 - With its new OzonePRO unit, MAHLE Aftermarket has added a product for the hygienic sanitization of passenger cars, buses, and commercial vehicles to its service unit range. OzonePRO is likely to be of particular interest to car rental companies and logistics service providers, who can use it to ensure that vehicle cabins are free of germs as well as odors when handed over to customers. OzonePRO also offers increased protection for ambulance services and public authority vehicles used by different crews. In addition to vehicles, the unit is suitable for use in hotel rooms and business premises. The MAHLE OzonePRO is also being offered as the O3-NEX under the BRAIN BEE sales brand and is now available to independent workshops from specialist retailers.